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Float ring

Atlantic trawl floats are made from the best materials available, and are designed to withstand heavy blows and high pressure.



Item no. 21-800-06 21-810-08 21-810-26
Outer Diameter 200 mm 236 mm 236 mm
Internal Diameter 125 mm 109 mm 109 mm
Weight 277,50 g 654 g 675 g
Working depth at 4h 600 m 650 m 1050 m
Buoyancy 330 g 950 g 930 g
Colour Green Orange Green
Shipping data per bag:
Number, bag 40 pcs. 25 pcs. 25 pcs.
Weight, bag 11,10 kg 17 kg 18 kg
Buoyancy has been measured in fresh water. In salt water the buoyancy increases.

Nylon is extremely suitable for cold waters (Zero degrees).

The Float Rings can be ordered in other colours.