About us

Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S

About us

The sale and manufacture of trawl floats at Neptun Plast A/S, Sæplast Dalvik ehf Iceland and Atlantic Trawl Floats A/S of Denmark have merged into one company. These companies represent the three strongest brands on the trawl float market: Iceplast (Sæplast), Panther (Neptun Plast) and Utzon (Atlantic Trawl Floats).

The company is called Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S and has its headquarters in Denmark.

The establishment of Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S will lay the foundation for a stronger company, one that is better suited to maintain high levels of product innovation and customer care.

The merger has enabled us to rationalize the production and in doing so we have moved all production to Neptun Plast A/S facilities in Denmark. We will focus on production of deep-sea floats for bottom trawling. Our floats are available in various sizes, and are designed for depths ranging from 300 m – 3.200 m.

We produce a wide variety of trawl floats designed to withstand the roughest condition facing fishermen all over the world: Operations in North Atlantic waters with low temperatures and rough weather as well as in other waters around the world.

Developed over decades in close co-operation with fishermen and net-makers, Atlantic Floats are manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship and quality.

Atlantic floats are manufactured from high quality raw materials on advanced computer controlled injection moulding equipment and assembled on advanced plastic welding equipment.

This production process ensures high quality trawl floats with the following advantages:

  • Super tight
  • Maximum impact strength
  • Impressive working depth and buoyancy

Our trawl floats are undergoing an extensive quality control throughout the production process providing the end-user with a high and uniform quality.

Our floats are available in different types for offshore and deep sea fishing.

Besides floats Neptun Plast A/S produces baskets, cod end rings and bobbins for the fishing industry.