Atlantic trawl floats are made from the best materials available, and are designed to withstand heavy blows and high pressure.

Trawl floats with centre hole, designed for general trawling. Strong and durable.


Item no.
Diameter 9½” / 242 mm
Volume 7 L
Weight 2433 g
Maximum depth 1550 m
Working depth (4h) 1100 m
Buoyancy 4280 g
Slagstyrke 40 kgm
Free fall Cannot break
Hole size 26 mm
Lacing hole Centre
Colour Yellow or orange
Shipping data per box / pallet:
Quantity, bag / box / pallet 5 / 9 / 108 pcs

Buoyancy has been measured in fresh water. In salt water the buoyancy increases.